Dedicated server

Why Choose A Dedicated Server?

One could be wondering, “What’s the point of parting with a substantial amount of cash on a dedicated server when they still get the work done using shared hosting or a virtual server?” Well, the answer boils down to the RAM, bandwidth and storage space available to their business or website.

Hosted dedicated servers give users greater control over their choice of processor unlike virtual servers and shared hosting that force you to share not only space but also performance. The last thing an online business owner wants is a website that can’t handle increasing traffic and the only way to avoid this is to sign up for dedicated hosting.

What is dedicated hosting

dedicated-serversIn today’s world, creating a strong online presence is almost mandatory for any online business to succeed, which means creating a memorable first impression is a must. The choice of hosting is therefore very important considering every online business owner wants to be accessible on a 24-hour basis and this is where dedicated hosting comes in.

Dedicated server hosting is a type of web hosting where a server is purely devoted to a single purpose such as one website or organization. This is very different to shared hosting where one server hosts different websites or businesses on its platform.

Dedicated hosting can either be set up in-house or externally from a particular data center.

Benefits of dedicated hosting

  • Improved security

Perhaps the greatest benefit of dedicated hosting compared to share hosting or virtual hosting is that it offers higher levels of security. The moment a person signs up for dedicated server hosting, they can be assured that all the online and offline resources on the particular server solely belong to them thus providing greater security for their website. If combined with the standard security updates, dedicated hosting provides the best security for all your online files.

  • Control and flexibility

A major concern for shared hosting is the fact that the host cannot allow a single user access certain features making it virtually impossible to make any changes. However, with dedicated hosting, one can make all the changes they deem to be necessary to improve their online presence making it the perfect choice.

  • Allows scalability

When starting out, a new website might not necessarily need to occupy a lot of space or numerous resources, but as the business and website grow, the need for more resources and space becomes inevitable. With dedicated hosting, getting more space is easy without the need to transfer to a new host. Dedicated server hosting provides a business or website the opportunity to grow endlessly.

  • Reliable

Most business owners are not IT experts and most of the time put all their faith in their host provide to ensure that their websites run seamlessly with the maximum level of up time. This is assured with dedicated hosting as a business does not share their bandwidth with any other business.

Providers of dedicated hosting

Whether you are just starting up with the hope of growing your business exponentially, or you are a large e-commerce website or corporate website with huge databases and are yet to use dedicated hosting, it’s about time you did, at least for the sake of your business.

Some of the best dedicated hosting providers include:

  • InMotionHosting – Ultra Fast Servers
  • HostGator – Powerful and Flexible Servers
  • Acenet – Reliable Servers
  • LiquidWeb – Fully Managed Servers
  • SingleHop – Advanced Servers
  • LunarPages – Cheap Servers
  • DedicatedNow – Fully Managed Servers
  • Codero – Great Value Servers
  • 1and1 – Cheap Servers

The important thing before you choose your dedicated hosting provider is to run a background check on the above providers and choose one who you feel meets your business needs best.