SEO hosting

Understanding SEO Hosting

What is SEO hosting

seo-hostingMost website owners are familiar with the term search engine optimisation (SEO) but in respect to its reference to content. However, SEO Hosting can be beneficial too. In order to understand the potential value of this type of web hosting you need to know the basics about how Internet Protocol addresses work.

Your Internet Protocol address is the identification of your computer when it is utilizing the internet. It is made up of a series of numbers for example, This is four sets of numbers separated with dots. Each of these numbers fall into a classification. The first group is class “A”. The second group is class “B”. The third group is class “C” and the fourth and final group is class “D”.

In some data centres where your website may be hosted on a server often websites that have the same class “C” number will be hosted on the same server. Search engines look at the Internet Protocol numbers and are able to identify when sites are cross linking to each other with the same class C. If you have too many of these types of links then the major search engines could penalise your site because of this.

This is important to those web site owners that are setting up mini site networks and linking them to each other to increase their link juice.

In order to allow web site owners to be able to utilise these types of networks or blog farms some hosting companies offer SEO hosting which helps to reduce the risk of the search engines detecting the over use of the class “C”. These hosting companies will provide you with different sets of class “C” Internet Protocol addresses that you can use for your various micro sites.

Benefits of SEO hosting

There are many different reasons why individuals want to set up multiple sites that all relate to the same niche. For example, some that are in the business of selling furniture would like to have several mini sites that each focus on one individual category of their furniture. They can then create links within these mini sites to each other as well as back to the main site. However, with standard hosting this would most likely be frowned upon by the major search engines and end up with a penalty against all the sites including the main site.

By being able to have multiple Internet Protocol addresses this is far less likely to happen. At the same time however these search engines also have access to your contact information via your domain so you would want to set these Internet Protocol addresses up and sites with different addresses and contact information.

Providers of SEO hosting

Online you will find that there are several quality providers of SEO hosting where you can obtain the services that you need. There are a few things that you are going to want to keep in mind when making your choice. Of course first you want it confirmed that they truly offer SEO hosting as outlined here.

Then, you want to look at the types of hosting packages they have to offer. You are going to find choices such as dedicated hosting services, virtual private hosting services, and shared web hosting services just to give a few examples. It is important to pay attention to the bandwidth that you will have and disk space.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing your SEO hosting provider just based on price. Cheapest is not always a great deal when it comes to hosting. You want to deal with a SEO hosting company that will not only provide valid SEO hosting but will make sure that there is no down time for your sites.