Shared webhosting

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting denotes an arrangement where multiple websites share one physical server and its resources on the hosted sites. In such a platform, each user tends to have a certain limit in a given service such as monthly traffic, databases, and email accounts respectively. Today, shared hosting is considered as one of the most common types of web hosting service. The service is often offered by web hosting service providers with multiple web servers at their disposal.

As a shared service, it is also considered as a cost effective alternative compared to dedicated server. For instance, the Max Pack Plus web hosting is ideal for businesses that are intending to showcase themselves online especially when they are receiving good traffic. Subsequently, Max Pack Plus ensures they have more functionality.

Benefit of shared Web hosting

The most profound benefit of shared web hosting is its lower price that tends to inform the purchasing decision for most buyers. The other benefit includes, for instance, being preoccupied with carrying out technical maintenance especially when running programs on the server.

Why host sites locally

The hosting sites are seen to bring some benefits such as to establish a real relationship as a result of knowing someone locally. Besides, users can also engage in a face to face interaction. Customer service is also readily available especially when a user needs help compared to relying on an automated machine.

It also allows you to put together a local hosting and a local domain. This will improve your natural ranking. For example, if you are developing a website with German content using the ‘ .de ‘ domain and a server that is located in German, then it will appear as ‘’ The advantage of this is that you will get results much faster that has a domain in a ‘.com’ hosted in say the United States. Secondly, local hosting is more efficient when it comes to supporting and marketing your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.

Local hosting will also increase the speed of your servers. This is because most websites are hosted on a shared server, having it dedicated to a single server locally will increase efficiency. This is because, as it is known, individual servers provides you with the best performance even though the cost is high.

Shared hosting providers

a2-hostingSome of the popular shared hosting providers include A2 Hosting, eHost, iPage and TMD Hosting respectively. A2 Hosting began providing shared hosting services in 2001. The Company over the years has managed to develop a reputation as a provider of superior uptime, and effective and efficient customer service. In essence, such a reputation has been achieved as a result of A2 Hosting own all its web servers. On the other hand, A2 Hosting data centers in three location that include Michigan, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

About the Company’s shared hosting plans, it offers buyers three options that include Turbo, Swift, and Lite. Similar to other hosting companies, A2 Hosting focuses its attention on unlimited options when it comes to its shared plans, which range between $3.92 and $9.31 respectively. On the other end of the spectrum, eHost has been providing shared hosting services for over a decade.

Today, the Company is owned by the conglomerate EIG (Endurance International Group) that is also associated with a host of other web hosting firms such as BlueHost and Hostgator. As a competitive advantage, eHost’s hosting cost is relatively cheap compared to the competition in the marketplace. iPage, on its part, has also been in operation for the past ten years, but only gained prominence after the re-launch.

The Company is also managed by the EIG group, and its hosting platform is currently estimated to be holding averagely two million domain names. Further, the Company also derives its competitive advantage from relatively cheap web hosting plans.